Workplace Bystander Intervention Training

In this half-day session, participants will learn about the importance of bystanders in creating healthy and inclusive workplaces along with the underlying workplace dynamics that keep victims from speaking up and making complaints about harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace.

In addition, participants will learn how to recognize and overcome the “Bystander Effect”, along with other challenges that preclude bystanders from taking meaningful action in response to problematic workplace behaviour. Through role-play, participants will learn how to think strategically (and creatively) in order to choose interventions that are context-appropriate.

Rubin Thomlinson’s trainers are also available to deliver this course at your workplace.

What makes a bystander tick? Learn more: Harnessing the power of the bystander: Consider the case of the Brampton Firefighters

Training Calendar for Workplace Bystander Intervention Training

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