Workplace Investigation Training

If you’re a human resources professional, manager, or in-house counsel, the responsibility for overseeing a workplace investigation may fall on your shoulders. A workplace investigation can seem a daunting task on its own, considering all the complexities involved. Add to this the heightened expectations from courts, tribunals and adjudicators, and you may feel overwhelmed by all the demands placed upon you.

Don’t worry – the employment law experts at Rubin Thomlinson are here to help.

Why train with us?

There are a number of organizations that offer workplace investigation training. What sets us apart? We are employment lawyers who have done hundreds of workplace investigations across the country. We understand what is legally required to show that a workplace investigation was fair, thorough and objective. As employment lawyers, we understand the legal consequences of a workplace investigation that is poorly done.

We also wrote the definitive guide to workplace investigations – Human Resources Guide to Workplace Investigations – that is used as the ‘go-to’ book on conducting workplace investigations across the country. Our training sessions are practical and hands-on. Participants practice their interviewing and analytical skills by conducting a true-to-life investigation, using realistic fact patterns with actors playing the parts of complainant, respondent and witnesses. Participants also review sample reports, and receive a template for investigations that will help them conduct legally defensible investigations.

No other law firm in Canada offers a greater depth of expertise in workplace investigations – or trains more people across the country – than us.

We share our expertise through a variety of hands-on, interactive and practical workplace investigation training programs designed to meet the specific challenges facing human resources professionals and managers.

Join us as part of a diverse group of individuals at one of our public sessions or we will come to you and develop a customized, on-site session that meets your needs.

Training Curriculum for 2017

Each program is intended to provide you and your team with the necessary skills to conduct thorough and skillful investigations.

Every participant in each of our workplace investigation training programs will receive precedents, checklists and templates.

Here is what people have to say about our workplace investigation training program:

“We have had the pleasure of attending three days with Cory Boyd and had to take a moment to tell you how truly pleased we are. Pleased doesn’t really seem like the right word, so some other words that are equally fitting are exhilarated, inspired, relieved, humbled, to mention a few. Simply great learning!

I think I speak for all who attended that not only was the course design, activities, and materials top notch, Cory was just tremendous as our learning leader this week.

He was so personable, so real, and clearly so values-based, that everyone in the room had a chance to laugh and lighten up about some of the situations we find ourselves in. As well, I believe we came away inspired by him to step into the role of modeling the way to a respectful workplace, and ensuring and upholding that concept for all who work here. We indeed went in as learners and came out as champions of a culture of respect.

I have been in a lot of training courses and seen a lot of facilitator styles, and Cory is right up there with the best of the best for me.” Tammy Komanchuk, City of Medicine Hat

“Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques really was one of the best courses I have taken.  The information provided was relevant, useful and extremely interesting.  The use of actors for the role play made it so realistic you really felt like you were dealing with a real life investigation.” Teresa Gyorkos, Medicine Hat College

“The Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques and Report Writing Workshop has been the best course I have attended on harassment/workplace investigations. Where many courses I have taken focus on the laws surrounding discrimination and human rights, this workshop spends the majority of time teaching useful, practical techniques on conducting investigations and writing reports.  They provide you with everything from case studies to real scenarios (including real life actors) to demonstrate best practices. I took away an incredible wealth of knowledge that I could apply immediately. Highly recommended.” Clark Glassford, Transit Police BC

“The RT Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques and Report Writing Workshop is highly informative, entertaining and delivered in a first rate format. Siemens has an ever growing number of employees who have attended. Bar none, each employee has absolutely raved about it.”

“It was a practical and hands-on session. It was structured and organized which makes an “A” type person like me very happy”

” The facilitators and actors were fantastic. The interaction and peer learning were tremendously beneficial”

“This was a highly informative session… It was practical, informative and hit on all of the key issues that arise during workplace investigations.”

“The materials, particularly the first 25 pages, provided a perfect, concise and practical take-away. It’s rare to see such useful material.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training. It provided hands-on practical information I can apply in my own workplace. Janice and Chris are excellent speakers and have extensive knowledge and examples to share.”

“Janice and Christine are both great presenters! I learned a lot of new information and the role playing was one of the most effective I have participated in. Everyone always hates the “role playing” part of seminars, but this one was great. Very realistic.”

“Thank you very much for an engaging, informative and methodical approach to investigations. A great two days of learning skills to add to my toolkit.”

Training Calendar

Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques and Report Writing Workshop

Investigating Complex Cases

Assessing Credibility

Interviewing and Dealing with Difficult Witnesses

Workplace Investigations in the University and College Context

Conducting Workplace Assessments

Conducting Sexual Harassment and Violence Investigations

Conducting Workplace Violence Investigations

If you’re interested in learning about our training programs, please contact us for more information.