Wrongful Dismissal Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate our client and solutions-focused approach:

The Graceful Exit

The Challenge:
The restructuring of a large corporation left our client, a member of the senior executive team, with additional unwanted responsibility and an erosion of the duties she truly excelled at and loved. Although not convinced she was being set up to fail, she feared that this might happen and wanted out.

The Solution:
Over the course of close to a year, Christine Thomlinson supported the executive throughout her discussions with the President and CEO about her role and future with the organization. With Christine’s strategic help, the executive was able to persuade the President to make her a severance offer. Christine and the executive negotiated a separation which resulted in the executive leaving the organization voluntarily, yet with a very substantial severance package. In exchange, the corporation was able to effectively transition the executive’s role internally and have her leave on good terms at a time when a lawsuit and any negative press would have been extremely damaging.